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Columbia County Cares Update

We, the Columbia County Democratic Party, donated 35 pounds of food and sundry items to Columbia County Cares at the August meeting.  Another 17 pounds were donated, in our name, by an anonymous donor who has agreed to match our donations by 50%. In addition, Party members donated $4.00 in cash.
Columbia County Cares, and the needy families it serves, are very grateful for the 52 pounds of food and sundry items, and the cash donations you provided.
In addition, you provided a number of used, small plastic water bottles (with caps), which CCC will re-use to provide dish soap and shampoo to their (our) clients.  Please continue to donate small, empty, capped, water bottles or other small, capped, plastic bottles to the cause.
A special thanks to those members of the Columbia County Democratic Party who volunteer their time to Columbia County Cares during the week. Your contributions are important and, very much appreciated.
Please keep the needy of Columbia County in mind, and bring your donations of non-perishable food and sundry items to our monthly meetings.
As we continue to make our donations, the following items were identified as ‘most needed’.
  •     Grits
  •     Coffee
  •     Tea bags
  •     Dish soap    
  •     Bar soap
  •     Shampoo
  •     Jelly
  •     Cereal
  •     Tomato sauce, paste, diced, or any tomato products
  •     Sugar
  •     Flour
  •     Ramen noodles
  •     Plastic grocery store bags (recent request)
Thanks for your support,
Bob Hamlin



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