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Urge Your Representatives to Support The American Jobs Act

In President Obama’s speech on September 8, he asked us all to let our senators and representatives know that we want the gridlock broken in congress and we need them to pass The American Jobs Act.

Please send the following message to our representatives:

You should pass The American Jobs Act, right away.

As your constituent here in Georgia, I am asking you to pass the American Jobs Act. Stop playing politics with American lives. We cannot afford to wait 14 months until the next election for something to be done. Everything in this bill has been proposed by both Democrats and Republicans. When Republicans were elected in the 2010 election, the main talking point was jobs, jobs, jobs. But you have done nothing to help create those jobs. It’s time for you to show you are on the side of the American people and not the side of special interests. Vote yes on the American Jobs Act. And do it now…the American people can’t wait.

Please send this message to:

Senator Saxby Chambliss –
Senator Johnny Isakson –
Representative Paul Broun –

Pass this on to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on to everyone they know. One person can turn into ten, ten can turn into a hundred, a hundred can turn into a thousand. We make a difference when we get involved.


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