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D10 Candidate Recruitment hard at work

Hi Again, Everyone!

You may have seen a totally ignorant article recently about there being no Democratic candidates from the 10th District for the US Congress.

Good grief, for one thing, it is way too early for most thoughtful people!

But the main thing is…the 10th’s Candidate Recruitment Committee has been hard at work for a couple of months already discussing and interviewing potential candidates. I’m happy to say we have a very nice list of D10 Democrats who have been and are being contacted.

Our ideal candidate would be a Democrat who:
Has had candidate experience
Can devote a nearly full-time effort to campaigning in this huge district
Understands the necessity of raising a LOT of money
Is energetic
Can persuade moderates
No candidate will be perfect, but we are looking for the best. And we will have a candidate for the 10th. Our goal is to announce our selection at the end of the summer.

Please let everyone know we are working on this and would love to hear of any suggestions of Democrats who would fit the bill.



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