Announcement of Candidacy 3rd District Commissioner


Last week during the Columbia County Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting I informed the board that I have filed my intent to run for the 3rd District Commissioner seat.

Today, I qualified for that position and have formally entered the race for the position.
As I informed the Executive Board, I do plan to serve out my term as Chairman of the party.

I look forward to working with each of you as I make my way through this process, while also supporting other like minded candidates throughout the county.
I will be forming a team to work with me, and I will need your support for fund raising, getting the word out and helping me meet this challenging but not impossible task, as we seek to change hearts and minds in this county.

As we progress with building the campaign team you will hear more from the team and myself.

Thanks for your support and vote in the 3rd District Commissioner race on 4 Nov 2014.



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