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Are You Ready to Elect Democrats in November to Fight Back Against HB 757?

Since the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality is the law of the land, Republicans across the country have tried to utilize every loophole and trick in the book to reverse this progress — and Republicans here in Georgia are certainly no exception. Just last week, the state Senate passed House Bill 757 — misleadingly referred to as the “Religious Liberty“ bill — which Senator Greg Kirk marked as “a great day in Georgia.”

Let me tell you what a great day looks like for Georgia Republicans: Sending a bill to Governor Deal’s desk that allows certain organizations, including schools and churches, to deny the use of their facilities, refuse to provide social, educational and charitable services, or even fire or refuse to hire LGBT Georgians. A bill that harasses and oppresses our fellow Georgians in the LGBT community. That’s what Georgia Republicans consider a “great” day.

I’m tired of the blatantly offensive and discriminatory Republican agendas both here in Georgia and across this country. And, really, just imagine — imagine what we could achieve if instead of perpetuating divisiveness and hatred, we had leaders who worked to support and empower the communities we live in and serve. That’s the vision Georgia Democrats are fighting for.

I can’t thank you enough for taking a stand on this.

Rebecca DeHart
Executive Director
Democratic Party of Georgia

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