Deadline to Register to Vote Tue, Apr 26

When Georgia Democrats came out and made their voices heard on Super Tuesday, I was so proud to know how invested we are in the future of this country and making sure that our next president is someone who truly knows our values and fights every day to continue moving forward.

But, we need to see that same fervor and dedication applied right here in Georgia. So if you’re not registered to vote in our state primaries next month, click here and register online before the deadline next Tuesday. And, please, check that your family, neighbors and friends know how important it is that they are too.

All 236 seats in the General Assembly, 14 in the U.S. House, and one in the U.S. Senate are on the line this year, and the candidates we elect in May will carry our party’s banner forward into November. This is your opportunity to let the GOP know that we’re taking these races seriously and we’re ready to unseat each and every one of them.

And in order to do that, you and everyone you know must be registered to vote before next Tuesday.

Thank you. Thank you for realizing how much your voice and your vote matter.


Kendra Cotton
Political Director
Democratic Party of Georgia


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