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Congratulations to Our Candidates

As the Chair for the Columbia County Democratic Party I would like to congratulate our candidates and extend my wholehearted endorsement to the following Democratic Candidates.
Candidate Jim Barksdale for the -United States Senate
Candidate Patricia C. McCracken- United States House of Representatives
District 12
Candidate Barbara J. Jordan- Georgia State Senate District- 24
We have had the opportunity to meet and hear from Candidates Jim Barksdale and Brenda Jordan at our party meetings and kick-off event and I am sure that we will soon have the opportunity to meet with Candidate Patricia C. McCracken as well.
We have a huge election ahead of us and there is a lot at stake. Every vote counts and with that, our party is looking ahead will continue to work hard to get all of our candidates elected.
Again, Congratulations Candidates, from the Columbia County Democratic Party!
Thank you everyone for your continued support of our party!

Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D
Columbia County Democratic Party


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