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Direct Your Outrage at the Right Target this November

We should be outraged!

We should be outraged in that purchasing a semi-automatic weapon is so easy in the United States.
We should be outraged because gun violence in the United States continues to take the lives of so many innocent men, women and children.
We should be outraged due to the amount of African Americans, to include children, across our country who are being targeted, shot down and killed by law enforcement at alarming rates.
But most of all, we should be outraged that amidst all of these ongoing urgent issues, the Republican Congress of the United States continues to waste time and spend millions of our tax dollars on partisan witch hunts such as the Benghazi investigation which turned out to be unsubstantiated. Even now, they continue to waste even more time and millions of our tax dollars on investigations of Secretary Clinton’s emails where she has already been exonerated.
Tell your Republican Congressman/woman to stop wasting our time and tax money on partisan witch hunts and move on to address the issues that matter to Americans and the lives of Americans.
Remind your neighbors that the Republican Congress is not working for Americans and the issues that are important for the safety and the lives of Americans.
But most of all, tell your neighbors, family members and friends to express their outrage at the voting polls this November and send the Republican Congress home.
I am outraged!

Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.
Columbia County Democratic Party


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