Stop Opportunity School District (OSD) Rally, Sat, Aug 27, 1:00 PM

The Columbia County Democratic Party, in partnership with the Richmond County Democratic Party and the District 12 Chairman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, together, we will be hosting a Stop Opportunity School District (OSD) Rally.
Please come out on August 27, 2016 and join us for this Rally at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Union Hall Auditorium; located at 1250 Reynolds Street,  Augusta, GA, 30901. The event begins at 1:00 PM and is expected to last approximately 2 hours.

The guest speaker for this event will be Dr. Sid Chapman, President, of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE).
The event is free and open to everyone who wishes to come out and join us.
In the article written by Jack Hassard a writer, former high school teacher and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University,made it clear:
 “The Georgia Senate voted and passed two bills, Senate Bill 133 and Senate Resolution 287.  Senate Bill 133 will set up the Opportunity School District (OSD), which will enable the state to take over public elementary and secondary schools that have a grade of F for three consecutive years.  Senate Resolution 287 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Georgia, which allows the General Assembly to set up the OSD.
These bills will enable the Governor’s office to take over 20 of Georgia’s “chronically failing” public schools in the 2017-2018 school year, and then increase the number to 100 schools throughout the state.  These “chronically failing” schools will make up a statewide school district called the Opportunity School District.
This is a bad deal for public education in Georgia.  For Senate Bill 133, I’ll show that the devil is in the details, and in the end the takeover plan that the Governor and the Senate advocate will be a disaster for Georgia public schools.  Singling out each school is an untenable solution to school improvement.
The plan is based on the New Orleans’ Recovery School District (RSD), created by the Louisiana legislature in 2003.  After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the state legislature passed Act 35, which transferred 100 “low performing schools” in New Orleans over to the RSD. (I wondered why The Georgia plan calls for taking over 100 schools–copy that). The RSD became the ideal setting for the influx of charter school management firms, which presumably would create the basis for an “epic reform” of schooling in the Parishes of New Orleans and other locations.
That has not happened.
RSD schools are failing schools“.
Please come out and join us for this special community wide event!

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