State Committee Elections Sep 12 – Note Meeting Date Change

Reminder: our meeting which was scheduled for September 5, 2016, is now scheduled for Monday September 12, 2016 due to the holiday.
In addition, we will be holding elections for a  State Committee Member vacancy on September 12 as well.

“The State Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party of Georgia. This body meets regularly (at least twice to 4 times a year) to discuss and vote on important party business and issues. Members of the State Committee are elected from the County Parties and serve four year terms” (DPG).
 Members do not have to be serving on the County Committee in order to run for State Committee Member. Party members who are registered to vote as Democrats in Columbia County are eligible to run in our County for State Committee Member.
It is the expectation of the Democratic Party of Georgia that Members of the State Committee can be available to attend State Committee meetings throughout the year (usually 2 to 4 meetings per year, normally on weekends).
State Committee Members have the ability to vote on issues raised by the Democratic Party of Georgia, they also vote to elect officers of the Democratic Party of Georgia as well as persons who serve on the Democratic National Committee and At Large and Alternate Delegates to the Democratic Presidential Convention.
As is clear, State Committee Members have key responsibilities and in addition, serving as a State Committee member provides for a great leaning experience and opportunity to serve our State Party as well as the interest of our County Party.
I have really enjoyed serving as a State Committee Member, attending the meetings and voting for concerns of the party as well as the state and county committees.
As announced in our June meeting, one of our State Committee Members who had been previously elected has decided to resign her post. The procedure for replacing the member is that the County Committee can elect a member to fill that vacant post.
The term for the vacant State Committee Member post runs from February 2015 to February 2019. The new member will serve the remainder of this 4 year term.
If you have entertained the idea of running, please be encouraged to do so.
This information has been posted for public notice.

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