Election Activities Update

As of yesterday morning, the Columbia County Board of Elections had over 4000 persons vote in early elections. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, please get out and early vote soon. Even though it appears to be quite a crowd, people are in and out in 15 minutes or less. They have a really great system in place that moves everyone through very quickly.

With that said, the Columbia County Democratic Party has made 7,600 phone calls to Democrats and Leaning Democrats in Columbia County. Our HQ has even called me and most likely they have called you as well. We have been calling by polling place and as of now, we have only 3 polling places where we have not completed the calls, yes, only 3 small folders. By the end of the weekend we should be completely finished calling all of the Democrats and Leaning Democrats in all polling places in Columbia County.
Our plan going forward over the next weeks is to re-call persons who we were unable to contact who do not have answering machines.
Thank you everyone for all that you do for our Party. Even if you were not able to come out and make calls, thank you for supporting our Democratic Party in the ways that you do.
Kind Regards,Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.
Chair, Columbia County Democratic Party


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