Update on GOTV – Still Time to Do More

Good day everyone,

We have completed making phone calls to all Democrats and Leaning Democrats from our lists in Columbia County. When I attended church on Sunday, most of the members stated that they had received a call from our Party and they even remembered the names of the people who called them. We have to date made an all time high of 8233 phone banking calls. I am truly taken aback and at the same time, very thankful for all of the hard work that everyone has put in to our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. When we look at the state polls as they lean blue, we can surely say that, we helped do that.

With that said, there is still work to be done. It is not too late to volunteer. As we found, several of our call prospects did not have a message service or their mail boxes may have been full where we were not able to at least leave a message. Over the next few days, we will continue to make calls to attempt to contact these voters. Please come out and join us and continue to work with us to tum our great state blue.

Our 2 First Ladies had the right message today…they said, our work is not done. So lets continue to GOTV. Lets get our families and all of our friends out and lets put Hillary in the White House, Brenda Jordan in the State House, Patricia McCracken in the US House and John Barksdale in the United States Senate. We can do it.

I am so proud of our efforts, I am so proud of our Party and I am so proud to be  Democrat!

Thank you everyone for all that you do.

Columbia County Democratic Party

“A Voice for Progress”

Kind Regards,

Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.

Chair, Columbia County Democratic Party


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