Make Calls for Hillary from the Comfort of Your Home

Please Join us In Make Calls for Hillary; Follow Directions for HubDialer. You can call from home!

FYI.. from Amanda Ford, the Field Director. Please try to join now! It is truly a fun process with the HubDialer. The Field Team plans to host the statewide phone banks every day through Election Day. In the morning, I hope to provide times for the remaining days. I hope you and your committee members are able to join each day.

Hi Friends!

It has been a wonderful day with people all across the state volunteering and voting to help elect Hillary Clinton our next President.  We have people all across the state making calls right now and you can join in on the fun tonight from home using our automatic dialing system!

You can log in on your computer or use your phone only.

Log in at Contact Amanda Ford or Dr. Deborah Fisher for the Campaign ID & Passcode and calling script. 

Happy Calling!

Amanda Ford
Field Director, Democratic Party of Georgia

Melva Steps
County Affairs Director, Democratic Party of Georgia
678-278-2016 ext 319

Kind Regards,

Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.
Chair, Columbia County Democratic Party


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