More Volunteers Needed to Take Voters to the Polls

We have had 3 of our members volunteer to take persons to the polls in Evans and Martinez. However, we now have 5 persons who reside in Harlem who will need rides. If we have any of our Harlem/Grovetown Members or any members in the party that would not mind assisting our Harlem folks, please respond. thanks a bunch everybody! If we can get them out for our last day of early voting that would be best and we can avoid the election day lines as much as possible.

Our ride requests are coming in from the automated Vote Builder System and we are working with the state party to get the requests attended.  I expect that there may be more between now and election day. I will keep everyone posted and we will do our best to get everyone to the polls as every vote counts.
Thank you everyone for your teamwork and willingness to help.
Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.
Chair, Columbia County Democratic Party
If you might be able to assist us, please let us know by e-mailing or calling Dr. Deborah Fisher, the Party Chair at (706) 449-2553.

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