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Call for Volunteers to Turn Georgia Blue

Read this letter from Jenny Dorris White, Director of Finance Marketing, New Day GA and register to volunteer.

Dear DPG Executive and State Committee Members,

Good evening! I hope you are well. With 4 days left to Election Day, we need all hands on deck to bring this home in Georgia! We are thrilled to share that we have secured funding for calling technology (the Hub Dialer) that allows our volunteers and organizers to reach thousands of voters each hour. Needless to say, this will greatly increases our ability to turn out Democratic voters on Tuesday.

Now we need to sign up as many volunteers as possible to use this to its fullest. Please help us sign up volunteers in both Georgia and out of state (anyone can call remotely) by circulating our GOTV sign up page to your networks. Please share this link to friends and family, and through social media. Volunteer for GOTV in Georgia

Also, we ask you to sign up for a volunteer shift this weekend if you have not already.

We are on the cusp of turning Georgia Blue, but it’ll take all of us to do it. Thank you so much for all you do – Let’s win this thing!


Jenny Dorris White
Director of Finance Marketing, New Day GA
Democratic Party of Georgia


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