The Columbia County Democratic Party is amazing!

0905161626We are rolling up the carpets and clearing out the Columbia County Democratic Party HQ office after tomorrow, our last day. With that I would like to thank everyone for donating your furniture phones and other items that allowed us to make this happen.

Thanks to you, our Party and thanks to our meticulous HQ office managers Mrs. Lynda Luden and Mr. Stewart Canady who worked many extra long hours of overtime just to keep the HQ open and to schedule folks and to take up the slack where we were unable to schedule folks due to shortages of volunteers. My sincere thanks goes out to them, for without their extra help, we would not have been able to keep the doors open all day Tuesdays through Saturdays.

With that said, I would like to commend the Party. As the County Party, we had a commitment to our County and we met it. We met our goals of reaching out to Democratic voters in Columbia County and we can all be very proud of that. Though we did not have enough volunteers to always have all the 3 phone lines working at the same time, and though some of us, to include myself, could only come out on Saturdays to volunteer due to our work schedules, those of you who came out, you took up the slack and you took up the phones and made continuous calls around the county each day to ensure that our goals were met. Thank you for that.

With so few volunteers we more than met our goals of making over 8233 phone calls to all Democratic and Leaning Democratic voters in Columbia County. Yes we did that and with limited volunteers and limited resources of only 3 phone lines, yes, we did that. Without you, your patience and persistence we would not have met our goals and for that I thank you, each and every one.

At the same time, many members of the Columbia County Democratic Party, in addition to donating their time at the Columbia County HQ, also, donated their time to assist the Democratic Party of Georgia Field Office on Claussen Road, with meeting their goals. What a wonderful expression of unity and teamwork in an effort to move our Democratic agenda forward, together, thank you all for that and the unity and teamwork demonstrated with our Party.

In the end, this drives home two points: The Columbia County Democratic Party is amazing; and “We are Stronger Together”.

Thank you again everybody for all that you do for our Party!


Kind Regards,


Deborah M. Fisher, Ph.D.


Columbia County Democratic Party


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