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A Message of Healing from Party Chair Fisher

I would like to thank everyone for all that you have done in your work to get Democrats elected. We worked hard in getting our friends and families to the polls. We made calls, knocked doors and got out the vote and make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, we did wonderfully.

It really seems that we have done all that we could do, however that is not so. Our jobs are not done. Our job now is to stay focused on the things that are important in our lives, to be encouraged, to have hope and hold on to our faith.

From his words and deeds, we don’t know who Donald Trump is, the Republicans don’t really know who Donald Trump is. However lets hold on to our hope and our faith and the fact that our Country is still the greatest Country on Earth.


Kind Regards,

Deborah Fisher, Ph.D.


Columbia County Democratic Party


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