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Party Elections Tonight to Fill Executive Seats

Dear Party Members/Committee,

I hope this note finds that you are well and enjoying your Holiday Season. Of course December marks for us another crossroad where we continue to look to the future of moving our party forward.

With that said, it has truly been an honor and a pleasure to have served as Chair for the Columbia County Democratic Party.  I do not plan to run for a second term, however, I do look forward to continuing to work and do my share to support our party.

Elections are coming up at the next meeting on December 5, 2016 and please be reminded that our meeting for elections will take place a half hour before our normally scheduled meetings, gaveling in for business at 6:30 PM.

Our Executive Committee has done a fine job with carrying on the business of the Party for the last term and we are looking forward to having members of the committee to step in and run for office so that our party can continue on its path as a strong and viable Party.

We have been without a treasurer for quite some time and we will also be looking for your talents in all of the executive seats of Committee Chair, Secretary, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Third Vice Chair, and Fourth Vice Chair.

Realizing that we have an abundance of talent within our Party, we hope that we will be able to fill each of these positions for our Party’s Executive Board.

Please rest assured that each of our outgoing Executive Committee Members has stated that they will be there to support each and everyone one of our new executive members 100%.

With that said, please do not hesitate to run to be a member of our Executive Committee. From each of our current Executive Committee Members to you, we have been honored to serve you. We look forward to our newly installed officers and we wish each of you the best Holiday Season ever.

See you at the Christmas Party, immediately following the elections on December 5th!!!!

Kind Regards,



Columbia County Democratic Party


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