Donate & Spread the News to Fund this Year’s Scholarships

6066050_1478799612-2421The Columbia County Democratic Party Scholarship Committee has established an account with GoFundMe, a website dedicated to helping people collect donations for a worthy cause.  Please go to visit our campaign page and make a donation.  Also, perhaps even as important as a donation, we ask that you spread the word.  GoFundMe makes it easy for you to share this with your friends and family by posting it on your Facebook page, tweeting it, and/or emailing the information.  Please do so, notifying as many people as you can through social media.

Each year we try to give as many scholarships as we can afford.  The number of scholarships and the amount we are able to give each student are totally dependent on fund raising and the contributions we are able to collect during the year.  We are hopeful that by getting the word out through GoFundMe, we will be able to give even more scholarships in 2016.
Thank you for your generous donations to the scholarship program in the past, and please help make it even more successful through our GoFundMe account…
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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