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Maxine Waters Asks if You’re Going to Attend the Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Dinner

If you wish to attend, please contact Sarah Moody at

 In just a few days, I’m coming to Atlanta to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Dinner.
I’ve been watching Georgia—especially the 6th Congressional District race. There is a fire burning in Georgia—and throughout this nation—and it’s growing. We’ve united to tell Donald Trump and his buddies that enough is enough, and we will never give them a free pass.
We will resist.
Now is not the time to play nice. Donald Trump ran on a platform of hate and fear, and now he’s governing the same way. The man who bragged about grabbing women now has influence to deny them of their basic rights. The man who praised Vladimir Putin is now surrounded by a cabinet that champions the Kremlin agenda and stonewalls investigations into their own shady ties to a hostile foreign government.
But, thanks to members of the resistance—activists just like you—I am inspired and more determined than ever to hold these Republicans accountable. They can try and pull whatever stunts they want, but I am unbothered, unimpressed, and have zero tolerance for their agenda.
Stay woke and see you on the 20th,
Representative Maxine Waters

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