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Sat, Jun 17 – New Leaders Council Augusta Leadership Soiree

New Leaders Council is a national leadership organization and I am a current fellow in the Augusta chapter. Sen. Tim Kaine and Michael Blake are honorary co-chairs of this national organization. On Saturday June 17th, the Augusta chapter will be hosting a Movers, Shakers, and Change Makers All-White Attire Leadership Soiree featuring a Networking Power Hour. This is a chance to meet leaders and entrepreneurs in the Augusta area.

New Leaders Council is a non-profit leadership and policy development organization whose mission is the recruit, train, and promote millennial leaders.

NLC operates its program in 48 communities across the country and recruits civically engaged leaders from across industries. We believe that building a new governing coalition requires identifying leadership in all sectors and providing them the skills and network to be change-makers in their communities.

Since 2006, NLC has trained over 4,000 leaders who have gone on to start innovative non-profits and businesses, serve in public office, and have an impact in the public policy space.

➢ NLC’s long-term political goal is to build progressive infrastructure in communities
across the country to fight back against Trump and the conservative movement.

➢ Since 1979, the Conservative Movement’s mirror organization, The Leadership Institute,
has produced over 180,000 leaders (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence)

➢ In 2016 NLC had 32 candidates run and win. Over the next two years NLC has 700
individuals self-identified to run for public office.

➢ NLC is the long-term investment of the progressive movement

Thank you,

Constance Wallace, LPC

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